Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mistine White Spa Extra Whitening Lotion

I rarely use lotion but when I went back home from a beach trip, with an uneven skin tone due to too much sun exposure, I knew I had to slather some whitening lotion on my arms and legs. I searched the net and came across Mistine White Spa Extra Whitening Lotion. It has good reviews on Girltalk so I had to try it to see if it works.

Why I Love: It makes my skin soft and smooth. The lotion is easy to apply.
Why I Hate: First the smell. I get easily nauseous with overly scented products and this lotion is just too fragrant for me. Its floral scent is overpowering for me and it stays on for a while, which is usually a good thing for lotions, but not for me coz I just can't breathe. hehe! Second, I don't see myself using this when classes starts. I use lotion with SPF in the morning and I just can't always shower when I get home tired from school at night so I think I won't be able to use this when school starts because it has no SPF. Third, this item is so hard to find cause SM and Watson's always run out of this product

Ingredient: Main whitening ingredients are Alpha and Beta Arbutin.
Packaging: Very feminine with its pink color. The bottle is kinda tall because of its really big cap (1/3 of the whole bottle is the cap), which is very deceiving in terms of the content. It is easy to get the lotion out even if there's only a few left. All I need is a little shake and squeeze.
Availability: SM Department Stores, Watsons, Tutuban, 168, multiply, Hongkong. Recently this product is being phased out in the malls making it hard to find.
Price: I bought mine for P160 at SM cause it was on sale but its regular price is P200 for a 200mL bottle. It is also P200 online excluding shipping.

I've almost consumed the whole 200mL bottle applying the lotion on my arms and legs and I just don't see any significant changes. I don't know if I am just impatient or the product is really not working for me. Either way I won't repurchase.


  1. Hi! Saw your link in GirlTalk.:)

    Have been using Mistine lotion too and haven't seen any whitening effects either. It aggravated my eczema so I stopped using it altogether.X_X

  2. hello :) thanks for visiting. hope your eczema is doing better now. i bought one because of the raves on GT. i haven't finished the whole bottle. i think i still have about 1/8 left. I don't see any whitening and i can't stand its floral smell any longer so i stopped. i only use it on my feet now, so it won't go to waste. It helps in making my feet soft. maybe you can try it there too. :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing you this very interesting product. :)


  4. hi! do u know any whitening lotion that is effective? well actually m using mistine lotion i kinda like it cz it makes my skin smooth but when it comes to its lightening claim i dont think i xperience it. so im still looking for an effective lightening products for my body..i hope u can help me.. TNX!! :)

  5. Thanks, I ve been using Mistine Productfor the past 3 weeks now and i ve not seen the lightening effect yet.

    i dont want to stop using bcos other lightening products contain Hydroquinone but Mistin is Hydroquinone FREE. which is better.

  6. Hi. im curious about mistine lotion. ill try dat one too, i hope it will works for me. I just recently change lotion from Silka to B&W. Silka doesnt work for me :( ......
    Still observing the effect of B&W Intensive Whitening Lotion. Ill keep u posted the outcome.

  7. i think mkistine would be very effective if hindi ka magbilad sa init.. any whitening lotion would effect if you will wear blaser or jacket when your outdoors.. wla kasi spf ang mistine, even may spf ,if mag apply ka ng whitening, dapat hindi ka magpa expose sa sun, useless pa rin ang whitening kasi.. ;D

  8. That's a bummer, no SPF, though I know another product that's an effective skin whitening lotion in the Philippines. If you've heard of Gluta-C, you should really try it. Aside whitening effect benefits, it also has SPF 20 so you can have that whitening effect while outside. I recommend it